Transponder Key Philippines

Transponder Key Philippines . is a mobile commercial, automotive and residential locksmith service open 24 hours a day. We service high security doors, replace lost car keys, install master key systems, provide security upgrades, car lockouts & emergency door installation. We do it all in Metro Manila and Nearby provinces Transponder key Philippines Lock & Key provides various safe and vault installations and repair services for our Metro Manila lock and locksmiths clients. Our safe and vault installation repair experts can even relocate your safe or vault if you wish. In addition, our diverse clientele have ranged from Casino owners, accountants, and bank managers to military and government officials.’

We Can Help-Quick, Reliable Service Call us now 09270863613      02 83735617

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Lean about Transponder key Philippines and how we can help to enhance your security and provide you with peephole services and top-quality locks for your home and business.

Find a Car Locksmith Near You

Remote Car Key or Transponder Key Problems a Auto Locksmith help with

  • Repair car key fobs and provide replacement fob
  • Remote car key fob is not working
  • Transponder key is broken/damaged
  • Provide a spare transponder key
  • Transponder chip inside the car key remote is broken or damaged
  • Lost your car key fob

Find out the cheapest way to get replacement car keys here we also tell you the fastest way get vehicle keys.

Types of Car Keys That Need Programming

Since 1995 vehicles are legally required to have an immobiliser system.  To work this requires a transponder key with an electronic chip.  The car only starts if the ignition receives the correct code when the key is turned.

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