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professional car locksmith at mandaluyong valenzuela and paranque pasay

Believe it or not, locking the keys in today’s modern cars, trucks and SUV’s is more common than you’d think. When this frustrating situation occurs, trying to find a qualified locksmith or mechanic to help you gain entry in the vehicle without causing damage is time consuming, stressful and can cost a lot of money – but not with TP Locksmith . Our network of thousands of professional roadside service providers across the Metro Manila are equipped with the right tools, have updated training and experience to safely complete car lockout services, 24/7 and at a price you can afford. Transponder Key Philippines was established to simplify the process of locating, booking and paying for a car locksmith service and other common roadside services. The Transponder Key Philippines platform is simple to use, easy to navigate and can be accessed through our Mobile Friendly Website or online. Basically – Transponder Key Philippines  is roadside assistance that is one click away; without the monthly membership programs to join, no annual fees to pay, no hassles or hidden costs. Our flat rate pricing is transparent, pay-per-use and requires no contracts. You can pay securely online when you set up a car locksmith service using a credit or debit card through Gcash, Bank Transfer, or cash and checks onsite. Our flat rate for car locksmith service is 999 in Metro Manila only for the automotive locksmith to come to your location and help gain entry to your vehicle.Even if the key is broken, we Can extract broken key.

How Does TP Locksmith Car Lockout Service Work?

Setting up an automotive locksmith service is simple, safe and secure with Transponder Key Philippines

  • Simply Search the Transponder Key Philippines on google. You can also access and
  • Set up your user account information.
  • call us now 09270863613
  • On the first screen you’ll see a series of icons. Click the Car Book Now  icon to begin the process.
  • Enter your vehicle information (including year, make, model and color).
  • You also Text Directly to this no 09270863613 Contact Person, Contact Person Tel. phone no. and Exact Address including Landmarks

Once the service has been booked, we’ll quickly dispatch a professional automotive locksmith, who will arrive to your location to help unlock your vehicle. In most cases, our car locksmith service will arrive within 20-30 minutes. Our certified automotive locksmiths are trained on how to correctly unlock a vehicle without causing damage, creating issues with the vehicle’s security system or electrical system. As tempting as it might be to attempt to unlock your car with a coat hanger or other item, we strongly recommend against this – as expensive damage can occur. Transponder Key Philippines places an emphasis on your safety, by making sure our professional automotive locksmiths are certified, Taine, insured, bonded and experienced in correct procedures for unlocking all makes and models. You can feel safe knowing that we also complete detailed background checks on all locksmiths and roadside assistance professionals.

Why Should I Use Transponder Key Philippines for Car Locksmith Services?

Let’s be real – nobody every plan to lock their keys in the car. Although many of us have a spare key, it’s typically at home – or worse, in the glovebox. This is where Jrop comes in to save the day. Our dedication to superior customer service is unrivaled in the online automotive service industry. The Transponder Key Philippines customer service support team is available by chat, phone or email to answer any questions you have. We also actively seek your feedback after the locksmith has completed their services for you. We encourage you to review your automotive locksmith through our Facebook Pan page or Google , which helps us improve our services and keeps our people honest, working hard to ensure you are completely satisfied with your service. Transponder Key Philippines is dedicated to simplifying the process of setting up emergency roadside services that pop up when you least expect. Anytime you’re locked out of your car and require a car lockout service at Metro Manila and Nearby Province like Cavite, Rizal, Laguna and Bulacan –Tansponder Key Philippines is on the job.


Can we use this service for key replacement?Yes, but keep in mind our base price of P999 is only to get you back into a car that you are lockout of out. If the keys are lost or damaged please select this option on the Transponder key website. Once you select the option stating that the key is damaged or lost we will dispatch a local car locksmith that can provide a new key on the spot.

How much do you charge for car locksmith services?

For normal lockouts we charge P999. For key replacement the price will vary depending on the car make, model, and type of key (Transponder or non-transponder). The average cost is generally between 10-40,000

Do you charge more for car locksmith services at night or on the weekends?

No. We don’t currently have surge pricing. The price is always the same and our car locksmiths are available 24 hours a day.

Can your locksmiths assist with my car?

Yes, our vast network of locksmiths have experience with all car makes and models. Many of them have decades of experience and undergo extensive training on top of frequent updates to stay up to date with the newest car security systems. Are car locksmiths are trained to assist with Motorcycles, semi-trucks

Can car locksmith services damage my vehicle?

Absolutely not, our network of auto locksmiths are fully insured, licensed and bonded but most importantly they are well trained.

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