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Flat Tire Change Tips & How-To Change a Flat Tire

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Flat Tire Change How-To

Tires aren’t meant to last forever, and unless you’re extra prepared and change them out beforehand, you’re likely to experience a blow-out while in the middle of your day & then needing a flat tire change. Sometimes brand-new tires will go out because of an obstacle on the road!

Flat Tire Changes & Tips

Flat tire change situation happen to everyone, and though it’s a minor problem, it can still hold you back from your task at hand. Tow Squad can be there in no time at all to change a flat tire for you, and remembering these tips can help expedite the flat tire change service:

  • Make sure you have a good working spare, otherwise you wont be able to get a flat tire change and the only option will be to tow your vehicle to a tire shop

  • If you have custom rims, make sure that you have the key to get them off, otherwise you cant change a flat tire on the side of the road

  • Never put yourself in danger. If you’re on the side of the freeway, let an experienced roadside assistance professional change a flat tire for you

  • Always remember to put your Hazard Lights on when you are on the side of the road to alert other motorists that your vehicle is not operable

Tire Repair or Buy New Tires – How To Tell?

Your first thought after an emergency tire change will naturally be “Where can I find roadside assistance near me?” In reality, though, flat tire repair is not always the answer–sometimes replacement is the better option. The decision between repairing or replacing a tire comes down to three basic factors: the type of damage, the amount of tread wear on the tire and the age of the tire.

Assess Tire Damage

Obviously, your tire wouldn’t suddenly go flat unless it was damaged, so this is where to start the evaluation. For safety reasons, some types of damage simply should not be repaired. If it is a blow out, meaning that the tire exploded outward while driving, likely leaving large portions of the tire in shreds, your decision is made–get a new tire. Similarly, if the damage is on the sidewall of the tire, a replacement is imminent because a reputable tire repair place will not repair that kind of damage. If the tire is punctured in the tread area, it should not be repaired if the puncture is larger than 1/4 inch.

Damaged Tire

plat tire replacement services damage flat tire

Consider The Tire History

The other two factors that affect the repair or replacement question for tires both involve how long the tire has been usedTread wear is a function of how many miles have been driven on a particular tire. These days, most tires have tread-wear indicators, strips of hard rubber that run perpendicular to the tread. These are quite visible when the tire is worn, and if you can see them, it means you should replace the tire, rather than repair. If there are no tread-wear indicators, you can measure the depth of the tread. If it is 2/32 of an inch or less, the tire needs to be replaced. In terms of time, tires generally last five to ten years, so once a tire is in that range, it’s probably a better idea to replace it when damaged.

plat tire replacement services

Fragment a old and new modern winter car tires

Where To Get New Tires

If it looks like you’re going to need to replace a tire, make a note of the size of the existing tire. As a matter of fact, if you like your old tire, you could save yourself a lot of work by just buying the exact same make, model and size. Otherwise, you can compare other brands of the same size and select the one that best fits your driving needs. One important thing to keep in mind though, is that when you replace a tire, it is a good idea to replace all four, or at least the one other tire opposite the one being replaced, so that the vehicle will ride smoothly and evenly.

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