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Tips Repairing a Broken Filing Cabinet Lock

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What You’ll Need

  •  Screwdriver
  •  Drill
  •  Filing cabinet lock
  •  Vice
  •  Wrench
  •  Pliers

A filing cabinet is a great addition to your home office because the filing cabinet lock can keep important papers and other items secure. A filing cabinet lock is not impervious to damage, however. Slamming a filing cabinet door can cause a filing cabinet lock to break or jam and filling it to capacity and beyond can cause the lock to bend as you close the door. All of these can make it difficult to open the drawer or render the lock useless. This article will show you how to repair a filing cabinet lock as well as how to replace one.

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When a lock malfunctions it will usually cause the filing cabinet to jam, disallowing you access. If you cannot open the drawer, you cannot possibly fix the filing cabinet lock. One way to open a filing cabinet lock, assuming the filing cabinet is not too large or too full, is to turn it upside down. Many locks operate on gravity and turning the cabinet upside down and wiggling the drawer can cause the pins to fall and unlocking the drawer. This can also fix the lock if the cause was a simple jam.

You can also open the drawer by sliding a screwdriver between the top of the drawer and the cabinet. Push up on the screwdriver near the center to create leverage to pop the lip of the top of the filing cabinet over the metal latch. This can, however, damage the filing cabinet.

 The final way to open a locked filing cabinet is to use a drill. Set the filing cabinet flush against a wall to act as a brace. Place the drill bit in the center of the filing cabinet lock and begin to drill. The power and torque from the drill will cause the lock to pop off from inside. This damages the lock and it will need to be replaced.

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Cabinet Locks 

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Cabinet locks are available for a wide range of applications including office furniture, lockers, cabinets, storage chests, wardrobes, sliding doors, display cases and other fittings. Transponder Key Philippines can provide key operated cabinet locks master-keyed, keyed to differ, 

Locker locks

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Locker locks are come in many different sizes and are available as key operated locks, coin operated locks or keyless combination locks. Our Transponder Key Philippines  can supply and fit most types of locker locks, and can also cut keys to code if keys are misplaced.

Filing Cabinet locks

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Filing Cabinet locks for timber/metal or fireproof cabinets come in many different sizes with various locking options. Transponder Key Philippines can supply & fit most standard cabinet locks & high security cabinet locks on the market today.

Drawer locks

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Drawer locks are available in many different sizes, and can be fitted to most drawers. From office drawers to pedestal cabinets were sure to have the right drawer lock for you. We can also cut keys to code if the keys to your existing lock has been misplaced.

Lean about Transponder key Philippines and how we can help to enhance your security and provide you with office Furniture repair services and top-quality locks for your home and business.

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